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June 17, 2023
Power Snatch Laughs


148 26th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

The 4th Annual Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest presents…

Yoga, Crossfit, Running, Pilates...Power Snatch Laughs, brought to you by The Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest and Hollie Harper's brain, showcases some of the most hilarious, fit women in the country. Held at a Crossfit box and hosted by comedy nerd Hollie Harper with headliner Ayanna Dookie, Power Snatch Laughs is a sure-fire funny bone workout from a super-funny Black and female lineup.

Ayanna Dookie (Headliner)
Amma Marfo
Chloe Mikala
Kari Burt
Ne Izima
Rachel Hall
Sheri Flanders
Hollie Harper – Host

Showtime 7pm

Cover $25

CrossFit 718
148 26th Street & 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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